What Does Clean Living Mean for You?


Statistics can be concerning, but I do not subscribe to promoting or living in fear. I believe in being mindful and aware of the reality of our marketplace and implementing safeguards. Our health is one of our greatest assets. To that end, there are environmental factors we just won’t be able to control, but I am all for controlling the things we can!

We live in a time where unfortunately we cannot rely on the government or corporations to ensure our safety and protect our health. It is up to each one of us to do this work for ourselves.

But let’s be honest, this topic can be complicated and extremely overwhelming for people. It’s easier to ignore it and hope that you and your family will be okay down the road. I was called to learn about this topic—to do the work and research involved, and make ongoing changes for over a decade due to the issues with my daughter’s health. I‘m guessing that had I not been motivated by my personal story I would have probably ignored some warning signs.

It is crucial as we all become mindful, chemically-conscious consumers that we utilize the power we have to vote with our dollars. We can affect change in the industry through the companies we choose to support, and positively affect our health—which can have long-lasting impact. And if we are currently trying to make safer choices, it’s important to know which companies truly support transparency, consider people first and profit second, and advocate for change, versus others that are actually “greenwashing”—a marketing spin deceptively used to promote the perception that a company’s products, aims, or policies are safe and environmentally friendly.

My work is to simplify the process of implementing a cleaner, safer lifestyle for all, and help people become more aware of what they are bringing into their home. The process can be simple. Allow me do the work for you—whether you want to switch to safer product all at once, or slowly over time according to what you are comfortable with. It is completely up to you.

Every small change matters, no matter how fast or slow the change occurs. You just need the roadmap to get there. Let us make your path to living a cleanly simple life easy!