The Cost of Clean Living

Here’s the hard truth: Reducing exposure to toxic chemicals in your home or office won’t typically be the cheapest option. Due to the lack of regulation, companies fighting for safer products in the marketplace need to invest in more research, 3rd party testing, cleaner ingredients, and health and safety processes to make a safer product in an unregulated environment all the way down the supplier chain. And other brands are manufacturing smaller batches by hand in their own strictly controlled environments. All these factors drive up costs.


Plus, we as consumers still want the product we purchase to be effective and perform the way the traditional products do. That is not an easy feat. We may be willing to sacrifice in some areas, but more natural products may not lather the same or might leave an unpleasing residue, or simply don’t offer the same results we’re accustomed to with conventional products. 

Here’s the good news: There are absolutely brands and alternatives that yield great results and are high-performing—and it doesn’t necessarily mean “all natural”, although there are great brands in that space to recommend as well. All natural and organic are nice buzz words, but in an unregulated market, you cannot rely on those claims, and not all chemicals are bad or harmful either. For example, it is equally important to preserve a product based on research in the safest way possible, as mold and bacteria are also very harmful to our health.

  • When you book a full-service consultation with Cleanly Simple, we will estimate the time your home or business will require for evaluation. During our session, we will then recommend safer alternatives and breakdown the cost of replacing your products. Some options, such as cleaning solutions, will have cost-effective DIY alternatives as well as more convenient options. And other products will be more of an investment. You can then choose to invest in these options all at once or choose your most important areas for our team to replace with our full-service package.
  • When you book a DIY or virtual consultation with Cleanly Simple, our consultation will last approximately 2 to 2.5 hours for evaluation, most important steps and priorities, and product recommendations. You may then begin replacing your products at your own pace, one step at a time, and with a specific roadmap as your guide.