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Cleanly Simple is a Los Angeles-based full-service clean living consultancy. We help families and businesses locally and nationwide live cleaner, simpler lives!

We specialize in working with individuals and corporations to eliminate potentially harmful chemicals and environmental hazards in the home and office—and to replace them with cleaner, safer, and simpler solutions that support a healthy family and work environment. 


Non-toxic Solutions for Every Aspect of Your Home or Business


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Congratulations! Reducing your family’s or your employees’ exposure to toxic chemicals is the first step toward living a cleaner life. Whether you’re here because you’re dealing with health issues at home; or you live an active, healthy lifestyle and want to protect your health long-term; or you are concerned about the environment and other issues affecting us today—educating yourself and taking action to create a safer living environment is a great decision. We’re so glad you stopped by Cleanly Simple!

Let us make it easy for you, and help you along your journey to clean living today.



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